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If you are not using our API yet you may want to check out our Getting Started page first.

To see what has been added to our API since your last visit have a look at the What´s New section.

If you are looking for the API messages, their structure and how to use them then take a look at API Messages with Examples.

When you need to know the countries from where you can sell Iberia using our NDC API the list of markets, together with information on the forms of payment we accept is kept up to date in Markets Currencies / Forms of Payments.

And in Pax Types, Special Services and Discounts you can find information on the types of passengers you can book through our API together with special services and discounts that can be obtained.

If you intend to use Credit Cards as a Form of Payment, then check out 3-D Secure as it is going to be mandated in more and more markets. To accommodate 3DS we have followed the IATA recommendation of an augmentation point in our 17.2 messages, for this we have published our Schema.

As many of you have been requesting here are the WSDLs

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