Getting Started with our API

To start using our API the following simple steps need to be taken:

  • First make sure the markets where you wish to sell from our covered by our API.

  • Then if you are an Aggregator or Seller wishing to connect directly to our API you will need to:

    • Register for a Mashery user which you can get from here.

    • Then you will need to register here to access our API. (Your Mashery user name will be required for the registration)

  • If you are a Seller wishing to connect through an Aggregator, you do not need a Mashery user as it is the Aggregator who will consume our API, you just need to register here, telling us which Aggregator, with whom you have already spoken to, you wish to use.

First Steps with our API

So as an Aggregator or a Seller wishing to have a direct connection to us, once you have registered the following will occur.

You will receive access credentials from our onboarding team which, amongst other things, will contain:

You can use your own application, however for the purpose of this guide we will use our SoapUI projects example that can be downloaded from SoapUI Projects .

Once you have downloaded and opened the SoapUI Project and imported the project you require, you need to complete the Project Custom Properties with your Credentials:


If you are going to use a Direct Connection (without a Participant Aggregator) please ensure you fill in the IATA_NUMBER, AGENCY_NAME together with the api_key that was sent to you, e.g.:

Ensure you review firstDate and secondDate values so as to ensure they are valid future dates.

If and when you wish to test Corporate functionality it is necessary to fill the CORPORATE_ID with a valid value (You will be provided with this in the Welcome Pack or in the Test Catalog)

If you are an Participant Aggregator then in addition to the above you must also:

Fill in the AGGREGATOR_NUMBER with the ID sent to you by us, e.g.:

And uncomment the Participants tag as done in the following example (compare with the first example):

Test Data:

In the Welcome Pack you will receive the necessary test data, it is also included in the Test Catalogue sent when you start your certification process.

The following data for use in development and testing is included:

  • Endpoints

  • Seller ID’s

  • CorporateSender

  • Credit Cards

  • Frequent Flyers

  • Special Service Requests permitted

  • Spanish Resident & Large Family Discount - applicable passenger information