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Example Message Flows

New and updated examples of complete end to end message flows can be found here.

For example, do you want to see how to create an Order with Ancillaries Pre Sale paid with Credit Card, booked by a Travel Agent with a Pseudo IATA using an Aggregator.
Booking a Round Trip for 2ADT 2CHD and 1INF with Resident discount with a Service Fee. And then adding Ancillaries Post Sale paid with a Credit Card using 3DS v2, followed by an update of Passenger Contact Information. And finalising it all with a full Cancellation and refund?

If there is something we have missed and you would like to see, then please contact us at

OnBusiness comes to NDC

You are now able to add your client’s OB Number at booking time for points accrual. We are working to be able to add it in a servicing flow, and OB Fare Disccounts will also be available by the end of this year.

Corporate Fares and Bookings

If you are a Travel Agent with corporate clients you can now book and service Iberia corporate fares through our NDC channel. Check out more information here. And you have some usefull examples here.

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Iberia vouchers can now be used as a Form of Payment for Orders. The voucher must cover the total cost of the Order, unless you are an IATA accredited Travel Agent, in which case you may pay any difference between the value of the voucher and the total value of the Order with Cash form of payment. Please check out this page for more information.

The voucher may be used in the OrderCreate message for instant payment or in the AirDocIssue 16.2/OrderChange 17.2 messages when paying for a previously created Order.

As ancillaries cannot be added to a previously created Order until after the flights have been paid for, presently Ancillaries can only be paid using a voucher if used in the creation of the Order in an instant purchase scenario.

Vouchers can be used to pay for all fares/products except Private Leisure fares.

Multiple Changes - Servicing

We have now enabled the ability to change Orders more than once, with no additional development foreseen on your side. You can now service your Orders multiple times before they are paid for and issued, in the following scenarios: 

  • Add or modify passenger contact details. 

  • Change hour of departure or date of outbound, inbound or both flights. 

  • Change cabin (upgrade). 

  • Change up to 3 characters of name and/or surname of the passenger for free (once per passenger only). 

  • Remove one or more passengers from a booking and change/cancel their new split booking. 

3DS - Secure Payment

Three-Domain Secure (3DS or 3-D Secure) is a protocol that allows consumers to authenticate themselves with the issuer of their payment card when they wish to undertake a non-contact transaction, such as purchasing over the internet. It is another layer of security to protect against unauthorized transactions in an e-commerce environment.

This standard is being mandated by the payment industry in order to reduce fraud.

Iberia is implementing 3DS in our IATA NDC 17.2 schema version. Therefore due to the 3DS mandate, credit card payments will only be accepted in the 17.2 messages once the mandate comes into effect. More information can be found here